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Embed our customer support team within yours

Passenger Team works right alongside your existing customer helpdesk, to deliver fast and accurate responses to your passengers when they request support with your apps.

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Understanding real-time passenger information feeds: the SIRI standard

Passengers expect real-time transport information on their mobile phones. At Passenger we integrate the protocol known as Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI) which allows systems to exchange vehicle location and estimated time of arrivals.

Would you share your mobile location data to improve your bus service?

Working in partnership with the Data Science department at Bournemouth University, our data science team exploits the data collected from mobile devices to improve the customer experience and offer insights about the network. The article was written by Dr Marcin Budka and Dr Manuel Martin Salvador for The Conversation.

Passenger shortlisted for Mobile Innovation of the Year

The Digital Leaders 100 Awards 2017 honour the highest achievements from the past year, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail in digital.