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Embed our customer support team within yours

Passenger Team works right alongside your existing customer helpdesk, to deliver fast and accurate responses to your passengers when they request support with your apps.

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Passenger automates Open Data publishing for bus operators

The Passenger team have released Open Data portals for bus operators, as an easy-to-manage solution, ahead of forthcoming government regulations for specific datasets.

Blackpool Transport launch new accessibility enhancements in partnership with Disability First

The Passenger team are proud to announce the deployment of new accessibility features for Blackpool Transport. The new features include useful information around access and facilities, easy-read text and sign language videos. A spotlight on what these accessibility features can really achieve.

Customer acquisition through destination marketing

Operators classically tailor marketing to their existing customer base. Much unlike the rest of the retail marketing world, bus operators typically aren’t reaching new audiences through marketing content. Passenger has honed a new strategy, using 2 key areas for new customer acquisition.