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Embed our customer support team within yours

Passenger Team works right alongside your existing customer helpdesk, to deliver fast and accurate responses to your passengers when they request support with your apps.

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Why Passenger cares about accessibility

For inclusive transport week, Passenger asks ‘how can travel apps provide a better experience for disabled people?’ As a team, we are ardent advocates of accessibility, and our goal is to constantly consider what we do in the context of how it can improve our level of service for those living with a disability. Here’s some of the thinking that drives the developments we make in our technology.

AUB win award in Los Angeles following Passenger workshop

A Passenger design team workshop at AUB for second-year Visual Communication students leads to silver award at the prestigious International Design Awards (IDA) in Los Angeles.

Passenger launches Open Data portals for Go-Ahead operators

Go-Ahead subsidiaries Brighton & Hove Buses and Go South Coast are the latest to publish Open Data portals ahead of regulations laid out by DfT following the Bus Services Act 2017