Go-Ahead Group launch 17 apps with Passenger

Easy ticket purchase and real-time journey information, with live departure boards and the ability to check bus capacity.

28th June 2021
Making shared public transport the first choice

How Passenger is bringing operators together to achieve the ambitious vision set out in the National Bus Strategy.

22nd July 2021
Customers Events Innovation Day
Innovation Forum 2021 update

Passenger is more than just a product. Get the engagement you need to help make shared sustainable transport the first choice for your users.

15th July 2021
The Way We Move – 24 hours of AVL data

Animated heatmaps showing 24-hours of AVL data tracking buses on Passenger's myTrip platform.

12th July 2021
Mobile Apps
Verifications service – a better way to get moving

In-app verifications - a fast, reliable, accessible way to verify users, reduce operating costs and increase customer loyalty.

9th July 2021
Password perfection – Keeping accounts and information safe

Passenger takes its role in information protection seriously and goes the extra mile to keep user accounts super secured.

17th June 2021
What’s new: WWDC and Google I/O 2021

Apple and Google have major software updates releasing in 2021 and some intriguing new tools with exciting potential.

11th June 2021
Wearable Tech
Rolling out watch apps for Premium customers

The commitment to sustainability and active travel continues with watch apps now included as standard for all Premium customers.

8th June 2021
More socially distanced and eco-friendly ways to complete journeys

Micro-mobility integrations help to replace more short car journeys, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

18th May 2021
Passenger fuels a sense of adventure with staff benefits

The Passenger team share stories of adventures made possible thanks to a unique employee benefit.

12th May 2021
An affordable website solution for smaller bus operators

Passenger, the UK’s top-rated public transport app provider is enhancing its support for the UK’s smaller bus operators with myTrip websites.

4th May 2021
Passenger partners with Newport Bus

A new journey planning website has been launched to help bus users in Newport, Wales to travel with confidence.

21st April 2021
Making Passenger
Passenger fully SCA compliant ahead of upcoming deadline

At the forefront of security and e-commerce development, Passenger deliver exceptional user experiences separating them from industry competitors.

15th April 2021