Towards virtual ‘touching out’: GPS-based network matching

A dedicated hardware infrastructure to support 'touching in and out' can be expensive. We have taken a different approach by leveraging timestamped GPS location data from the mobile phones of passengers instead. Find out how Dynamic Time Warping algorithm can help us to identify the bus service the passenger is travelling on.

14th March 2017

Passenger plays key role in major network update communication strategy

Bournemouth Transport use of network update features in Passenger app is just the ticket.

22nd February 2017

AI-powered voice interfaces for public transport

In 1987, Apple started to imagine how intelligent personal assistants could help us in our daily life. With AI-powered voice interfaces becoming mainstream, are we starting to realise that vision?

21st February 2017

Mobile app crowdsensing to increase revenues through advertising

Understanding how passengers travel is a key aspect to improve our transport networks. Mobile crowdsensing is a more reliable, faster and cheaper alternative to customer surveys, but is the real opportunity to increase operator revenues through targeted advertising?

16th February 2017

Benefits of mobile ticketing in public transport

Faster boarding times, savings on cash handling, hassle-free scalability, real-time ticket usage, valuable customer feedback — mobile ticketing presents multiple advantages over traditional approaches.

23rd January 2017

NCT adds mobile ticketing function to its app

Nottingham City Transport has introduced mobile ticketing technology to its smartphone app which enables customers to purchase tickets securely with Apple Pay or debit/credit card.

17th January 2017

YB Move app shortlisted for Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year

The YB Move app, our first Passenger deployment, has been shortlisted for "Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year" award.

14th December 2016

Passenger at The Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference 2016

Enabling mobility as a service in the transport sector

23rd November 2016

Amazon Echo smart home integration with Passenger launched at Euro Bus Expo 2016

Experience the future of intelligent mobility for yourself as we show you how to ask Alexa for departure information and journey plans from the Passenger system at stand G15!

1st November 2016

Experimentation is vital: Improving apps with data-driven decisions

Experimentation is vital to the continued progression and evolution of the products we develop, but it doesn't have to be as scary as it sounds.

31st October 2016

Boarding code integration with Init CoPILOTpc

Mobile ticket boarding codes now seamlessly integrated for INIT's COPILOTpc on-board computer, for easy driver validation.

20th October 2016

Passenger is Best Mobile Project Runner-Up at Wirehive 100 Awards

We're really pleased to share that Passenger has picked up runner up for the Best Mobile Project at the Wirehive 100 Awards.

18th October 2016