Our data management platform gets out of the way, and lets you manage all of your customer touch points with ease.

Passenger Cloud works for network planning teams, customer support agents, and staff on the front line of marketing. It helps the whole business to understand its customers and makes it simple to deliver an integrated customer experience.

These days bus, tram and rail operator teams need to be superhuman. Their daily duties cover operations, customer service, ticket sales and campaign marketing – all rolled into a few highly pressurised roles.

Managing network updates across multiple channels, promoting the brand, managing complaints on social media, developing new payment channels and technologies – to name but a few. Until now, this has been managed across multiple systems, resulting in a fragmented customer experience.

Passenger Cloud is an integrated data management platform for bus, tram and rail operators that powers mobile apps, websites and customer portals, wearable tech and voice assistants like Amazon Echo – and we’re working with some of the best in the business, supporting their strategies to provide innovative integrated digital services.

Customer support

Passenger Cloud provides easy access to customer accounts, including active ticket information, security management and complimentary ticket issue. Accessible 24/7 through a browser, either on a desktop or via a mobile or tablet device, customer support staff are empowered to provide a high level of customer care, where-ever they are.

“We’re able to view a customer’s account history, and see what tickets they have on their mobile device at any given time. This makes it possible to investigate and solve any issues they have and get them travelling again very quickly. Our support staff have the tools to their jobs well and customers are happier as a result.”

Anthony Carver-Smith, NCT

Network data management

Passenger Cloud includes an easy-to-use TransXChange importer and allows multiple datasets to be published back to back, making it easy for passengers to access timetables and journey plans on either side of a network change, via mobile apps, websites and customer portals.

Revenue management

Passenger Cloud provides easy access to ticket revenue data, including customisable period reports and the ability to easily export for use in other accounting systems. Ticket sales are clearly broken down and daily settlements from your payment service provider are easy to track all the way into your bank account.