Giving passengers accurate information about vehicle times and locations is a crucial step towards a future where shared public transport is the first choice. Passenger is constantly seeking to reduce friction for users, as increased public transport uptake is heralded as a critical component in reducing carbon emissions. 

Find out how we are enabling informed journey choices by using real time information to enhance planning and departure information.

Informed journey choices

As the effects of current staff shortages continue, the cancellation of individual journeys at short notice is more prevalent. In a ground-breaking industry first, the Passenger customer experience platform can now remove individual cancelled buses from journey plans and departure boards and display up-to-the-minute travel data, making accurate journey planning a reality for users. 

Up-to-the-minute arrival times

When searching for travel options, users can now see live expected arrival times for each segment of their journey. Using multiple live data feeds and information from operators, users can now see when bus arrival or departure times are impacted by late-running or cancelled services. 

Passenger apps and websites cross-reference real time information from stop-monitoring data, to display in journey plan results as an ‘expected time’. If buses are delayed, to further assist passengers in making informed travel decisions,  a warning that this may impact their journey is shown.

Making bus travel more accessible

This is the latest in a series of updates to our customer experience platform that uses real-time information to provide intelligent travel information to passengers, including removing temporarily cancelled journeys from journey planner results.

To discover how you can put the most accurate information in front of your customers and help them make informed travel choices, give us a call on 0845 556 6600.

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