Passenger and operators across the country are celebrating the first anniversary of the myTrip app, which has exceeded 50,000 users and onboarded 50 operators since launching one year ago. 

Illustration of a double decker bus with the the text "1315 buses to catch!"

The multi-operator platform, officially launched on 1st October 2020, allows passengers to purchase tickets for bus routes across the UK using cashless options, as well as track buses live and view information on each bus. Over the last 12 months, myTrip has helped smaller operators bring people back to the bus; getting people moving, connecting communities and offering a sustainable mobility choice in villages, towns and cities around the country.

Tom Quay, CEO at Passenger commented: “As myTrip celebrates its one-year anniversary this month, it’s inspiring to see how much of a positive difference the platform has made to operators. We designed the platform with smaller operators needs as our priority, helping them modernise their services to appeal to today’s travellers and their shifting needs.”

“Digital platforms like myTrip play a part in inspiring long-term sustainability improvements which will benefit our future generations. We’re looking forward to introducing myTrip to even more communities while helping to change ingrained public mindsets when it comes to travel choices.”

Illustration of a group of people standing by trees with the the text "50,000+ app users!"

A time-lapse visualisation of daily myTrip bus journeys using automatic vehicle location (AVL) has been created to mark the occasion. It shows the growth of the app over just 12 months, as more operators from around the country came on board.

myTrip bus journeys

Roger Birch, General Manager from Whippet, one of the first operators to adopt myTrip commented: “We’re delighted to have welcomed more travellers on board thanks to our new digital capabilities. myTrip has helped us connect to more of our community, and it’s important we continue raising awareness of the positive impacts of taking the bus – from both an environmental perspective as our carbon footprint is reduced, and from a convenience perspective as traffic congestion decreases.”

As an extra reason to celebrate – myTrip has just been announced as a finalist in the Digital Leaders 100 awards for Geospatial Innovation of the Year. The award is for innovation in this important area of digital transformation and you can vote for your favourite finalist here!

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