Spending a third of our lives at work and a third asleep doesn’t leave much time for adventure. Luckily, at Passenger, milestones in service come with extra holiday and a special ‘adventure budget’ to help staff enjoy amazing experiences.

While the past 14 months have been quieter for everyone, as the country begins to open up, the Passenger team were invited to share stories and memories of their adventure experiences.

In the first official adventure of 2021, Andy Brown, chief financial officer, decided to see what paragliding was like, having seen gliders floating above the cliff tops on Bournemouth’s beaches.

Andy says of the experience: “I loved it. Definitely no regrets. I wasn’t at all anxious before taking part, and it was a great day out. The experience was quite tiring; the wind is quite a force when your ‘wing’ is inflated and up in the air. 

The instructor, Andrew from Flying Frenzy was superb; so patient, knowledgeable and helped make it a very fun day.”

In 2019, senior designer Chris Matthews used his adventure budget for a first family holiday with his then 8-month-old son. 

“I remember a lot of walks including to the top of St. Michael’s Mount and my son’s first paddle in the Cornish sea. Having just become a parent of two, there are plenty more family adventures to come!”

Matt Morgan put his 10-year Passenger anniversary adventure budget towards his honeymoon to Mauritius in 2019, enjoying 10 days in the beach-side resort plus day trips and experiences.

Senior engineer Jon Ginn used his 5-years adventure budget for a spa experience as part of his trip to Centre Parcs. “It doesn’t have to be a high octane activity or a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon – I opted for a spa, sushi and trips to Bletchley Park, Blenheim Palace and Oxford”.

The Passenger team has continued to grow throughout the past 14 months of pandemic travel restrictions, and there are now even more of the team eligible and itching to spend their own adventure budget on an activity, experience or way to make special memories. There will be plenty of updates coming soon, but until then, you can find out more about Passenger’s culture and benefits.

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