Introducing myTrip websites – an extension to Passenger’s multi-operator ticketing and tracking app launched in September 2020. The sites will enable operators to host myTrip features on their own domains, allowing another route for consumers to easily purchase tickets and view interactive timetables.

Passenger CTO, Dave Hulbert explains: “myTrip has already helped bus operators of various sizes rebuild customer confidence in shared transport as lockdown restrictions have lifted – with 22 UK operators onboarded and over 16,000 users to date. Every piece of technology we create is designed to benefit the current and future needs of operators, prioritising efficiency, ease of use and safety – so myTrip websites were the next natural step in enhancing our current offering.”

Homepage of a myTrip website shown on a laptop

The new myTrip websites provide interactive timetabling, web-to-mobile eCommerce, and the ability to add content via an easy-to-use CMS. Operators will be able to tailor content to their operations, with complete control when organising and displaying their service information on the sites. They will also have the support of the Passenger Help Desk for themselves and their users, as part of the website package.

“myTrip websites are designed to meet the needs of travellers with easy-to-use technology, with the ability to plan travel and purchase or gift tickets contact-free and track their bus in real-time. Together with the myTrip app, this function will inspire more people to travel by bus and help us towards our long-term ambition of making shared transport the first choice for everyone.”

McColls, operating a fleet of 25 buses in Dunbartonshire & Glasgow, are the first UK operator to launch a myTrip website. Liam McColl, Managing Director at McColls said “Since the start of the pandemic, we have been looking at ways to help keep our staff and passengers safe. We discovered the myTrip app by Passenger which offered mobile ticketing, bus tracking and capacity information – and after a quick setup and launch, we were able to engage with passengers almost immediately. 

“Passenger then introduced us to their websites linking with the myTrip app, and based on our experience so far, we didn’t hesitate in expanding our mobile ticketing to the benefits of our website. Setting up our website was as easy as the app, with a user-friendly editor and full support from the myTrip team. The platform has allowed us to introduce an affordable mobile ticketing and corporate website solution, similar to what larger operators have in place, but tailored to benefit smaller operators.”

Mobile phone showing the timetable page of a myTrip website.
Mobile phone showing the timetable page of a myTrip website.

myTrip websites include the following features:

  • Online ticket purchase
  • Timetables
  • Live bus tracking
  • Real-time departure boards 
  • Enhanced vehicle information
  • Content manager for pages & news updates
  • Conditions of carriage
  • Operators can use their own website domain name

Operators who are interested in joining myTrip can contact [email protected] for more information. 

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