Education and learning is a priority to Passenger. Every day’s a school day! 

Two years ago, when our Head of Customer Services, Helen, first joined the Passenger team, she found herself walking headlong into an unexpected learning curve. 

“When I joined Passenger, I basically started with no technical experience. I knew absolutely nothing about transport or technology”, Helen explains.

“My first week I found myself in a room with lots of other people – not understanding a word they said. I thought – Oh no. What have I done? How am I ever going to know what’s happening?! So, I started to make a list, just to try and remember all the acronyms of things and what they were talking about. During my first three months, I referred to it on almost a daily basis!”.

There can be a lot to take in when embarking on a digital change journey, and Helen soon found out that she wasn’t the only person who found her glossary helpful. As Passenger grew – and new staff, operators and customers joined our ‘Passenger team’ – some needed a helping hand for those first steps into a new landscape.

“When I was training people and working with new operators I realised that many of them needed something similar too! And having a database of explanations I could easily send over was really useful. Our CEO, Tom said – oh this is really good, why haven’t we done this already? We should share this”.

Using Helen’s original list – which by now was a ten-page document – we began to compile an online version that anyone can use to jog their memory or share an explanation with others. As an open, freely available resource it can be updated quickly, shared endlessly and easily accessed when needed.

We called it “Remind Me What That Means?” after those moments you have in meetings or training sessions when someone drops a term you’re not familiar with into the conversation. There’s no such thing as a silly question, but sometimes you need to double-check something or find out more, so was born.

Nothing should stand in the way of people being able to understand the conversations around transport data. We maintain this little glossary so that anyone who needs to can always look up something unfamiliar. 

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