At the beginning of March, individuals and businesses were given instructions by the UK government to stay at home to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19. Our offices closed on a Friday afternoon as usual, and we reopened on Monday working 100% remotely. For a week or so it was a novelty, but once we ‘settled in’ we realised that rather than try and replicate the office, we needed to work with, not against, our new situation.

We started by asking what we could do to help – immediately and long term – and what we could provide our operators to make essential journeys easier for their customers.

Before lockdown, thinking about public transport without cars felt like throwing a ball without understanding the concept of gravity. We now have the chance to open up discussion on what should be our new normal when it’s been so clearly demonstrated that the normal we knew was actually a problem to be solved? 

This drove us to create the Making Passenger podcast – to offer an honest insight into what we are doing and how the UK could evolve its public transport vision in the face of change and challenges. 

In episode one, our CEO Tom and COO Matt discuss business resilience, disaster recovery and being useful as well as learnings about public transport, technology and people with the world on lockdown.

Making Passenger will be looking at how digital technology is shaping future mass transit mobility trends – and we invite anyone who’s interested to get in touch on Twitter @makingpassenger or at [email protected]

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