As the Passenger team bring rewards into operator apps, we discuss the importance of having this feature and the benefits it brings to the end-user. Everyone likes feeling appreciated and getting a bonus on top of a purchase, and the new Passenger Rewards feature is our way of working with our operators to make local deals and discounts easily accessible to their customers.

Rewarding loyal customers

Rewards, loyalty schemes, prizes, VIP points, cashback and referral perks are saturated within personal and professional service and product providers. These additions have grown into our retail experience and shape the way we make decisions about where we spend our money. According to Customer Pulse database, “43% of the respondents who report experiencing a problem with a company specifically cite reward and recognition as one such problem.”

The science behind kindness

What we found interesting was that kindness and gratitude affects our personal health. It reduces anxiety, lessens stress, increases metabolism and even aids sleep. Our neurotransmitter dopamine, which affects the ‘reward centre’ of our brains, become accustomed to the gratitude we receive and the way it makes us feel, so we want to repeat the action again and again – improving customer retention!

Giving new customers that incentive

An added perk might be the only thing standing in the way of a new customer. Being able to stretch budgets further by saving a few pounds here and there on a weekly coffee or a discounted pass can make all the difference!

Supporting local businesses

Collaborating with local brands and businesses by featuring them on your app is a great way to support your local economy. By offering a regular offer, it’s not only boosting your customer retention, but theirs. A article cites positive impact on the environment, backing local entrepreneurs and boosting tourism and the community among many reasons for supporting local business.

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