This year’s Conference theme is wellbeing, with a focus on how regular bus use can improve the average users welfare.

As Cynthia Ogbonna says in the ALBUM welcome letter, 

“Buses are good for us. They’re great for the environment. They’re good for our health. And they’re the lifeblood of communities all over the UK – bringing people together and making sure services and social activities remain accessible for everyone.”

At Passenger, we’ve long been advocates of public transport as a source of improved welfare, with many of our key features aimed at reducing frustration, improving the boarding experience and increasing patronage for operators.

For us, this year is about improved welfare for all, with a focus on accessibility. While our m-ticketing and Passenger information apps have long been considered accessible for disabled users, we’re working towards ways to make our apps even more inclusive and user-friendly.

Our ‘Things to Do’ feature across mobile and web are soon to be updated (as part of a project with Blackpool Transport and Disability First), allowing operators to list accessibility features of venues and events, making it easier for users with disabilities to plan days out. Our aim is to provide the control and confidence of knowing how to get there and what facilities are available to them in advance.

We think our 2019 agenda and this year’s Album theme tie harmoniously to ‘get more people using the bus’. As fifth year attendees, we’re keen to meet new and familiar faces to discuss how we think the industry and its suppliers can work together to answer some of the questions being asked.

As regular attendees to events and trade shows, we’re delighted to see this year’s team working to reduce paper waste through digital invoicing and an app-based conference agenda. With talks from the knowledgeable Jon Clarfelt of Ticketer, and the incomparable character that is Ray Stenning, we’re already excited to get setup and see all the friendly faces hob-nobbing at the tea and coffee stations.

Passenger at ALBUM in previous years

We’ll be proudly exhibiting this year, for our third consecutive year. So come and find us at Stand 10 and let’s discuss how we can ‘get more people using the bus’!