Passenger has released a major new update to its suite of mobile apps. Alongside an array of new improvements, the update also introduces Google’s digital wallet and online payment system, Google Pay, to all Android deployments of Passenger.

The addition of Google Pay to Passenger on Android offers yet another quick-and-easy option for customers to purchase mobile tickets within the app. The solution is already in use by the many UK operators who run Passenger-created mobile apps and their patrons who run Android.

Google Pay’s implementation in Passenger highlights our continued dedication to supporting the latest in online payment solutions, with the aim of making the process of boarding and alighting buses as simple as it can be. Our mission is to eradicate the hunt for change and simplify the purchase of mobile tickets by leveraging the technology that customers already use every day.

Google Pay certainly falls into this category. It stands as an important element of the mobile payment evolution and one that continues to simplify and improve smart ticketing across the industry

The recent passenger update introduces several other new features that benefit both Android and iOS customers. Alongside the Google Pay implementation, Android customers now enjoy faster QR code generation and support for Android app shortcuts and iOS customers are now able to make use of edge swipe gestures. The Service Updates interface for both Android and iOS customers has also been improved.

Want to learn more about our most recent Passenger update? Get in touch with the team – we’d be happy to chat it through with you.

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