High quality custom branded mobile apps & wearables for bus, tram and rail transport providers.

It works for network planning teams, customer support agents, and those on the front line of marketing. It helps the whole business to understand its customers and makes it simple to deliver an integrated customer experience.

These days bus, tram and rail operator teams need to be superhuman. Their daily duties cover operations, customer service, ticket sales and campaign marketing – all rolled into a few highly pressurised roles.

Managing network updates across multiple channels, promoting the brand, managing complaints on social media, developing new payment channels and technologies – to name but a few. Until now, this has been managed across multiple systems, fragmenting the customer experience.

Mobile Ticketing Apps

Everything’s mobile, so no cash needed. Give your customers a frictionless payment experience using securely stored payment cards, and Apple Pay on iPhone.

“Excellent app from NCTX, mobile ticket purchasing is a wonderful feature and very easy to use. Save having to carry cash and wallet all the time.”

James Clay, Play Store (NCTX Buses app)

Passenger Information Mobile Apps

Real Time Passenger Information from one or more stops, all in one easy-to-use mobile departure board. Our multi-modal journey planner cleverly combines multiple data sources behind the scenes, to make planning a journey a breeze. Publish beautiful timetables to your mobile apps, from just one import of the latest network data.

App Management in the Cloud

Passenger Cloud is an integrated data management platform for operators that powers mobile apps, online customer portals, wearable tech and voice assistants like Amazon Echo – and we’re working with some of the best in the business, supporting their strategies to provide innovative integrated digital services.

Passenger Cloud