High quality, branded websites and customer portals for bus and light rail operating companies.

These days operator marketing teams need to be superhuman. Their daily duties cover operations, customer service, ticket sales and campaign marketing – all rolled into one highly pressurised role.

Managing network updates across multiple channels, promoting the brand, managing complaints on social media, developing new payment channels and technologies – to name but a few.

The team at Passenger have delivered large-scale website smart card management, network dataset management and real-time journey planning systems for transport. With a combined 40 years experience of developing software applications for public transport, the team has a broad background within the sector, and have established relationships with many of the industry’s leading suppliers.

Content Management in the Cloud

Passenger Cloud is an integrated data management platform for operators that allows you to manage your website content and advanced functionality, such as journey planning and real time departure information, with ease.

Passenger Cloud also powers mobile apps, wearable tech and voice assistants like Amazon Echo from one easy-to-use interface – and we’re working with some of the best in the business, supporting their strategies to provide innovative integrated digital services.

Passenger Cloud