Voice assistant technology for bus, tram and rail transport providers.

Passenger Voice Assist works for network planning teams, customer support agents, and those on the front line of marketing. It helps the whole business to understand its customers and makes it simple to deliver an integrated customer experience.

Voice Assist data in the Cloud

Passenger Cloud is an integrated data management platform for operators that powers mobile apps, online customer portals, wearable tech and voice assistants like Amazon Echo – and we’re working with some of the best in the business, supporting their strategies to provide innovative integrated digital services.

Passenger Cloud

AI-powered voice interfaces for public transport

In 1987, Apple started to imagine how intelligent personal assistants could help us in our daily life. With AI-powered voice interfaces becoming mainstream, are we starting to realise that vision?

Amazon Echo smart home integration with Passenger launched at Euro Bus Expo 2016

Experience the future of intelligent mobility for yourself as we show you how to ask Alexa for departure information and journey plans from the Passenger system at stand G15!

Your journey of the future?

Back in January we wrote a story to try and help some of the mobility providers we are working with to imagine a future that does not yet exist.