The Passenger Kiosk gets your app out into the world, placing travel information at the fingers of customers in bus stations, tourist information centres, hotels, universities and more.

The Passenger Kiosk is an interactive, branded service that provides public transport customers with another way to interact with an operator’s travel information. The Kiosk does this by pulling up-to-date network data and marketing information directly from our cloud-based data management platform, Passenger Cloud.

As this information is usually already available and utilised by Passenger mobile apps and websites, it’s easy to bring it over to the Passenger Kiosk display and present it in a useful and unique way to customers (and keep it up to date!)

Designed for versatility and durability in real-world locations, such as bus stations, travel shops, customer service centres, tourist information, hotels, universities and more, Passenger Kiosk comes in two forms – countertop and freestanding. Riders can use the Passenger Kiosk to quickly plan how to get to a desired location or see what attractions and events are taking place in their local area.

Whether imparting event information to tourists, letting locals know about the latest network updates, or giving those in transit something to do when their phone has run out of battery, the Passenger Kiosk provides a new inroad to the information gathered by Passenger Cloud, without the need for a smartphone.

As the Passenger Kiosk runs on Passenger Cloud, no additional training or internal resource is required to get it up and running.

Easy access to live departures, service updates and journey planning
The Passenger Kiosk is a one-stop-shop for the latest travel information. Using the Kiosk provides customers with direct, interactive access to real-time bus stop departure information, intuitive travel timetables for individual routes, journey planning functionality and an integrated bus stop explorer map. Using the Kiosk, riders can figure out how to get from A to B even if they don’t have their phone to hand.

Guide riders to attractions and local events
Get people to the biggest local events using your services. The Passenger Kiosk displays news, details and hi-resolution imagery related to current or upcoming events in your area. With links to journey information also available on your event pages, your riders won’t just know what’s on, but also the fastest way to get there.

Dive into the details
If you have the Passenger Live Buses module configured, you can also show live buses at the Kiosk, giving your riders even more information to plan their journey.

Full delivery, installation and maintenance
We do the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ll install the Passenger Kiosk and deliver regular software updates over its lifetime. That means new features several times a year; we’ll always let you know what’s coming and what it will mean to your customers. If there’s a fault with a Passenger Kiosk we guarantee a replacement in 36 hours.

Want to learn more about the Passenger Kiosk? Get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through it.