A Better Way to Manage Business Customers

Passenger’s Business Portal is the new way for operators to service corporate customers.

The new system allows operators to sell travel to businesses, schools and universities by providing them with access to an easy-to-use online portal.

With digital tickets fulfilled via the operator’s Passenger mobile ticketing app, the portal drives revenue by:

  • allowing corporate customers to securely place orders online 24/7
  • significantly reducing administration costs
  • replacing costly smart card creation, distribution and top-up

screenshot of the business portal showing lists of users

Digital tickets are ordered by the business customer via the Business Portal and distributed instantly for users to collect on mobile, using Passenger’s easy-to-use ticket gifting system.

Simple Purchasing

The purchases section shows all orders made by a business customer. These are paginated and can be searched by any text in the list for example the order reference, date created, cost tickets bought or list name.

Transparent Billing

Any unclaimed tickets can be easily credited to the business customer’s account for future orders, allowing operators to offer a completely transparent service with appropriate billing.

If an order is eligible, the business customer can select which unclaimed tickets they would like to receive a credit for. Once created, an Order Credit will show in the list of orders. The customer will then be able to track credit from the original order.

Simple Ticket Distribution

Business customers can easily segment different ticket groups for orders using lists within the portal.

Lists are used as a way of grouping recipients of tickets together. For example, a college may have a list for each year group or a company may have a list per department. Lists have a title, description and the people associated with it. Lists can be uploaded easily in a CSV file and can be edited and removed individually as required.

Manage Ticket Users

This section lists all people that have been sent tickets. They are displayed in a paginated searchable list. Each person’s name can be clicked through to display details about historic tickets this person has received, information such as which tickets have been activated and cost benefits they have made by using the system.

Keep Track of Sales

Operators can view all orders from their business customers from within Passenger Cloud. Orders are shown in a paginated list and can be filtered on by various criteria making a particular order easy to find.

Easy Invoicing

The familiar interface of Passenger Cloud is used for administration of business customer accounts. Business customer invoicing is handled offline, allowing operators to manage corporate customers with a bespoke approach.

A whole new approach to managing corporate customers

The Account Manager

An operator Account Manager can easily set up a new customer on the Business Portal, through Passenger Cloud. The manager sets any discount rates, along with their business customers contact details. From there, business customers can order their own tickets. The Account Manager may step in from time to time, to support their customer and nurture the relationship.

The Business Customer

Once the business customer has been given access, they can log into the operator-branded portal and place orders. Bulk orders are made efficiently as the customer can import a .CSV file of each ticket recipient, uploading unlimited Ticket Users to their list. The business customer can track who has used an issued tickets. Unclaimed tickets can be turned into a credit, a process which is carried out by the business customer via the Business Portal.

The Ticket User

The Ticket Users receive an operator-branded email letting them know they have received a ticket. The user can then log in or register a mobile app account, and claim the ticket. The Business Customer can keep track of who has claimed their ticket, and who has not.

For a demo of our Business Portal system please get in touch.