Yellow Buses sign a new 4-year contract with Passenger

Bournemouth bus company look forward to another four years working with the UK’s leading digital transport services provider.

27th November 2020
Making Passenger
Coaches and minibuses added to vehicle tracking

New coach and minibus icons will help users easily identify the vehicles they are tracking.

20th November 2020
Press Release
Reading Buses pause tickets during November lockdown

Following the Government decision to lockdown England until 2 December, Reading Buses users are given the option to pause active tickets.

9th November 2020
Cardiff Bus & Passenger sign a new 3-year contract

Passenger and Cardiff Bus continue bringing cutting edge transport technology developments to users.

6th November 2020
Mobile Apps
Pausing Cardiff Bus tickets during Welsh lockdown

Following the Welsh Government announcement of a national lockdown until 9 November, Cardiff Bus app users are given the option to freeze their tickets.

26th October 2020
Press Release
New vehicle tracking display enhancements

A new app update for Premium and myTrip customers will help users easily identify the vehicles they are tracking.

19th October 2020
UK-wide location search for myTrip

How solving new challenges for myTrip is already having a positive impact on the data infrastructure for every customer on the Passenger platform.

7th October 2020
Mobile Apps
Our industry, your future, myTrip

Introducing myTrip - a national app solution at an affordable price for smaller operators to add mobile ticketing and live bus tracking to their customer experience.

23rd September 2020
Improving accessibility for everyone by dropping support for IE

At Passenger, we’re constantly striving to make the most of the web as an accessible platform for delivering timely information to those that need it.

16th September 2020
5 common digital accessibility issues you can resolve to earn Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme accreditation

Retrofitting accessibility improvements into your website can be a time-consuming process, but a worthy one.

10th September 2020
Mobile Apps
Introducing myTrip version 1

One of our biggest objectives with myTrip is helping smaller operators rebuild as quickly as possible after the events of the last few months, so we’re making it public sooner rather than later.

17th August 2020
Making Passenger
Investing in knowledge pays the best interest

Nothing should stand in the way of people being able to understand the conversations around transport data. As digital opportunities open up - what will you learn today?

5th August 2020