Exploring Mobility-as-a-Service with London Midland Labs rail accelerator

The team at Passenger join London Midland Labs, an accelerator programme for new technology products with a focus on the future of travel and mobility.

26th September 2017

How accurate is real-time passenger information?

Passengers increasingly rely on real-time public transport information since traditional timetables are no longer perceived as a reliable source. But how accurate is this real-time information? We have compared 3 different SIRI-SM providers and published the results in a white paper.

18th September 2017

Why we’re working on an app chatbot

Can a chatbot that doesn't sleep help customer service teams to resolve transport queries in real time? Based on the data we've seen from our Passenger apps, we think so.

28th July 2017

Inter-organisational collaboration essential to solve the UK’s complex transport data challenges

Local authority budget cuts are creating new types of inter-organisational collaboration. Attendees at Landor’s Digital Transport Exchange conference in Oxford agreed "we have run out of money. It's time to start thinking."

18th July 2017

Software and transport experts working closely on driverless tech at IMCreate

Autonomous vehicles are no longer science fiction, but that doesn’t mean it’s all figured out. We supported Transport Catapult’s IMCreate event where software teams spent the weekend innovating new ideas to help overcome some of the challenges.

6th July 2017

Passenger helps to shape Transport for the North’s Data Strategy

We attended the #TravelHack Innovation Day to help shape the TfN's data strategy. The day was the first of a programme of engagement with industry specialists designed to improve public transport across the North.

27th June 2017

6 reasons why hackathons are so important

The team at Passenger have history with running and attending hackdays, and we strive to attend them because of the opportunities and energy they create. Here’s some of the reasons why we think hackdays are awesome, and why we love to support them.

26th June 2017

Understanding real-time passenger information feeds: the SIRI standard

Passengers expect real-time transport information on their mobile phones. At Passenger we integrate the protocol known as Service Interface for Real Time Information (SIRI) which allows systems to exchange vehicle location and estimated time of arrivals.

23rd June 2017

Would you share your mobile location data to improve your bus service?

Working in partnership with the Data Science department at Bournemouth University, our data science team exploits the data collected from mobile devices to improve the customer experience and offer insights about the network. The article was written by Dr Marcin Budka and Dr Manuel Martin Salvador for The Conversation.

25th May 2017

Passenger shortlisted for Mobile Innovation of the Year

The Digital Leaders 100 Awards 2017 honour the highest achievements from the past year, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail in digital.

15th May 2017

Passenger at ALBUM Conference 2017

The ALBUM Conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges of the public transport industry, with a specific focus on those affecting independent operators. We look forward to seeing you all in Blackpool!

24th April 2017

What makes a successful Account Based Ticketing implementation?

Account Based Ticketing is a game changer for passengers and transport operators. The former get the best fares without having to think, while the latter gains valuable understanding about customer travel behaviour. But it isn’t without its complexities. This article looks at the elements that make up a successful Account Based Ticketing project.

24th April 2017