Passenger at ALBUM Conference 2017

The ALBUM Conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges of the public transport industry, with a specific focus on those affecting independent operators. We look forward to seeing you all in Blackpool!

24th April 2017

What makes a successful Account Based Ticketing implementation?

Account Based Ticketing is a game changer for passengers and transport operators. The former get the best fares without having to think, while the latter gains valuable understanding about customer travel behaviour. But it isn’t without its complexities. This article looks at the elements that make up a successful Account Based Ticketing project.

24th April 2017

Blackpool Transport launch multi-modal Passenger Apps and Website

Blackpool Transport are revolutionising the way in which customers access bus and tram information with the launch of new mobile ticket and multi-modal travel information app and website.

19th April 2017

PTG acquires Netescape and popular BusCMS software

Passenger Technology Group announce the acquisition of Netescape Limited, with its popular BusCMS website and app management system joining the Passenger family of digital technology products.

11th April 2017

A partner-led strategy that is more than just semantics

At Passenger, our partner-led strategy is more than just semantics; it shapes our entire approach to engaging with the transport operator community. Read about our first Innovation Day in Manchester and how it’s a key part of our strategy to build better products and services.

6th April 2017

East Yorkshire Motor Services launch Passenger apps

EYMS and Passenger Technology Group announce multiyear contract for Passenger, the next generation mobile ticketing app, travel information and transport data management platform.

4th April 2017

Passenger team lends expertise (and supplies) to Department for Transport hack event

Seasoned hack organiser and Passenger Team's very own Jonathan Ginn delivers doughnuts, water and sage advice at the Department for Transport's new #DfTHacks event, at the Reading Buses depot in Great Knollys Street.

3rd April 2017

Passenger is first mobile app ticketing platform to support Britain’s new £1 coin

Today we are delighted to announce that Passenger will support the new £1 coin as a free update to all our customers.

1st April 2017

Towards virtual ‘touching out’: GPS-based network matching

A dedicated hardware infrastructure to support 'touching in and out' can be expensive. We have taken a different approach by leveraging timestamped GPS location data from the mobile phones of passengers instead. Find out how Dynamic Time Warping algorithm can help us to identify the bus service the passenger is travelling on.

14th March 2017

Passenger plays key role in major network update communication strategy

Bournemouth Transport use of network update features in Passenger app is just the ticket.

22nd February 2017

AI-powered voice interfaces for public transport

In 1987, Apple started to imagine how intelligent personal assistants could help us in our daily life. With AI-powered voice interfaces becoming mainstream, are we starting to realise that vision?

21st February 2017

Mobile app crowdsensing to increase revenues through advertising

Understanding how passengers travel is a key aspect to improve our transport networks. Mobile crowdsensing is a more reliable, faster and cheaper alternative to customer surveys, but is the real opportunity to increase operator revenues through targeted advertising?

16th February 2017