Improving Passenger: Introducing Kotlin for Android

At Passenger, we constantly appraise new technologies to make sure we keep pace with the best solutions and create as effective a product as possible. This purview includes new software languages like Kotlin. Here, we explain what Kotlin is, why we’ve invested in it, and what it means for the Passenger experience on Android devices (hint: it’ll be even better).

18th September 2018

New hires appointed at Passenger as growth plans continue

As part of our ongoing commitment to growing and improving Passenger’s suite of products, and continuing to nurture close working relationships with customer partners, we’ve expanded the Passenger headcount by eight. Meet the new team and find out how they’ll be improving everything we do at Passenger.

12th September 2018

The ease of onboarding and customer migration with Passenger

Adopting a new m-ticketing solution can be daunting, especially when the service you provide caters to a large customer base, and to which any disruption may result in disgruntled riders and lower-than-average app reviews. That’s why Passenger is developed for expedited onboarding and supports a customer migration plan that takes both potential revenue loss and company reputation into consideration.

7th September 2018

Passenger launches revenue data integration with EPM

Calculating the value of mobile ticket revenue streams to their business just became easier for operators. Passenger has collaborated with the team at EPM to automate the import of mobile ticket revenue information from Passenger Cloud into EPM’s Depot Performance System.

6th September 2018

Exceeding 99.9% uptime – Passenger’s investment in reliability

The clue is in the name; the public is at the core of the public transport business. That’s why we’re dedicated to 99.9% availability of connectivity and above in the customer-facing software we create. Here, we take a look at some of the values we place at the centre of our ongoing development process.

4th September 2018

The convergence of contactless and mobile

Following a trail blazed by so-called Challenger Banks in the financial sector, Bournemouth-based Passenger is advancing its transport mobile apps to include contactless journey information, in a technology convergence that will force customers to look at the humble bus in a whole new light.

26th April 2018

‘Extremely’ Light Rail launch for Passenger

As we work with customers to prepare for the summer season, Passenger is pleased to announce its first outing in 'extremely' light rail, with a unique deployment for Poole Park Railway.

1st April 2018

Small changes, big impact: Our ongoing commitment to accessibility

In our third app update of 2018 we made some changes to the way we handle displaying information within the standard Passenger app Explore view for users who have VoiceOver turned on. It's a small change of approach, that's already had a big impact for some visually impaired users.

23rd February 2018

Open Data by default

At Passenger we use Open Data to power up our apps with information. Free access to data allows us to scale up as app user numbers increase, without a corresponding increase in data costs. Nonetheless, free-of-cost is not the only benefit of open data.

31st January 2018

Ditch the car, get off the train and try the bus! Borders Buses launch with Passenger

Starting 2018 with a bang, we are delighted that our first Passenger deployment in Scotland has been delivered in partnership with Borders Buses, operating across North Northumberland, East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh, Scottish Borders and Cumbria.

31st January 2018

Checking smart card information using a mobile device

Introducing people to your mobile app via the use of smart card functionality helps get network and ticketing information into more passenger's hands. We worked with Nottingham City Council to bring a virtual Ticket Vending Machine to their multi-operator Robin Hood app, accessible from anywhere.

30th January 2018

Understanding the UK Cards Association Contactless Transit models

The subtleties between different contactless payment models can be hard to grasp. We've created an infographic to help explain these transit models.

15th January 2018