Customer acquisition through destination marketing

Operators classically tailor marketing to their existing customer base. Much unlike the rest of the retail marketing world, bus operators typically aren’t reaching new audiences through marketing content. Passenger has honed a new strategy, using 2 key areas for new customer acquisition.

23rd April 2019

3 weeks until the ALBUM conference begins – will we see you there?

The Passenger team are back to exhibit at the ALBUM Conference at Cardiff City Hall on 7th-9th May, hosted this year by our operator partner Cardiff Bus, in the Welsh Capital.

16th April 2019

Passenger Cloud, the purpose built platform for bus digital services

Passenger websites and apps are the most visible of our products, but they’re only part of the much larger Passenger ecosystem. In this blog, we’ll explain a little more about how our digital services platform can benefit and streamline the daily operations of any bus or tram network.

9th April 2019

Destination first: driving mobile ticket sales with high-quality tourist information

It’s long been established that successful advertising appeals more to our emotions than it does our logical left-brain logical. That’s why destination marketing is such a powerful force when nudging customers towards the purchase of a mobile ticket. Here’s how the Passenger Kiosk can help you put destination first when driving sales channels.

4th April 2019

Passenger launches Passenger Belfie, the new product for bus-based photography

Passenger releases the new highly anticipated app feature - an integrated service providing each passenger with the ability to turn their bus journey into a creative photo opportunity.

1st April 2019

Transdev Blazefield – On Passenger Cloud nine

When Transdev sought a journey planning and mobile ticketing solution, the company needed a system – and a team behind it – that could grasp the intricate needs of its large and complex network across the North of England. Passenger Cloud was that system – and one that aligned with Transdev’s ongoing efforts towards modernisation and innovation.

21st March 2019

Swindon’s Bus Company launch website on Passenger Cloud platform

The Passenger team launch Swindon’s Bus Company’s new website, featuring journey planning, live departure times, fares and tourist information.

18th March 2019

New Business Portal launched for batch ticket distribution

Passenger’s new Business Portal allows operators to sell travel to businesses, schools and universities by giving them access to an easy-to-use operator-branded online portal.

14th March 2019

‘Passenger Professional’ mobile ticketing launches for smaller bus operators

Following a successful deployment with Warrington’s Own Buses last year, the Passenger team are pleased to launch Passenger Professional, a streamlined mobile ticketing app product designed for operators with smaller fleets.

12th March 2019

Passenger launches two new websites for morebus and UNIBUS

It’s a double launch as both UNIBUS and morebus release their Passenger created websites, each with new journey planning functionality alongside service updates, attractions and timetables.

4th March 2019

Customer story – Blackpool Transport

Blackpool Transport is dedicated to a modernised, transparent network accessible to all. We’ve been working with the operator since 2017 to make bus travel easier for all and align our products with its inclusivity aims. Find out how we did it!

25th February 2019

Increasing customer confidence in buses with vehicle tracking

Since its launch, our RTI service Live Buses has proven to be a huge success for Reading Buses, Yellow Buses and Blackpool Transport. With more deployments to come in 2019, we thought it would be useful to provide a little more insight into what Live Buses does and how it can inspire confidence in the using bus.

29th January 2019