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What is Passenger?

Passenger is an integrated transport data management system that uses websites, mobile ticketing and information apps to deliver a high standard of customer experience on behalf of transport operators. From the data generated we learn about trends in behaviour, enabling public transport operators to better understand their customers and their transport network; in real-time, and with a reduction in the significant investment in hardware infrastructure that has up until now been the norm.


Passenger Technology Group Ltd (“PTG”) is a subsidiary of We Are Base Ltd, a UK-based SME specialising in the use of digital technology to encourage behavioural change. PTG’s mission is to build the seamless public transport experience we would all like to use, through the application of digital technology. It’s a big mission but over the last 9 years, we’ve learnt a huge amount about what matters to customers and what doesn’t when it comes to using digital interfaces (e.g. mobile apps, websites, voice interaction such as Amazon Echo) to navigate public transport.

In the second half of 2016, we deployed Passenger in Nottingham, UK and Bournemouth, UK receiving much higher than average (avg. 4.5 stars in the app stores) customer feedback for operator-branded mobile apps (UK avg. 1.8 stars). We had an incredible 2017, successfully launching Passenger in even more places.

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