A disruption information system built by UK transport technology company Passenger delivers real time information to users, including network, line and stop alerts that can be set by an operator and displayed in apps and websites. Since its launch in 2017, and in daily use by every single one of their Premium operators, the tool has handled over 37,000 service alerts.

Disruptions alerts are used by Premium operators to let users know when there is a problem on the network, a line, or at a stop. Both current and future alerts can be displayed, to assist with immediate and future journey planning. Disruptions can be set by date, date range, for recurring, future, potential and actual events.

This is an incredibly flexible and efficient communication tool. If for example, an operator becomes aware of traffic congestion that will affect journey times or need to alert users to reduced services due to poor weather, road closures or any other reason, alerts can be prominently displayed in a variety of ways on apps and websites. 

Providing accurate journey planning information is a crucial step to making shared public transport the first choice, and Passenger already offers more than just an effective and efficient disruption information management tool.

Over the last 18 months, factors including Covid protocols and driver shortages have resulted in operators needing to cancel large numbers of individual journeys at short notice. As a response to this, Passenger has also developed functionality that reflects these cancellations through our apps and websites (in journey planners and departure boards).

Passengers journey cancellation tool reduces the risk of error by ensuring that data inputs are valid and output messages are true, and when used as an internal workflow, also allows operators to spend more time on other operational aspects.

There are even more exciting features planned following the results of a recent discovery phase. Passenger have recognised the significant challenges facing operators today, and are developing ways to enhance existing tools to provide flexible and intelligent ways to redistribute resources during periods of high disruptions and cancellations.

As Passenger’s systems are already widely established throughout the UK, APIs could introduce new opportunities to empower even more users with the timely and accurate information they need to travel with confidence.

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible disruptions and cancellations tools, drop us a line at [email protected]

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