A fully loaded bus can take 75 cars off the road. Buses offer flexible and easy to use transport that supports successful economies, connects people with opportunities and contributes to net-zero goals.

On World Car Free Day, which is celebrated across the globe, Passenger encourages motorists to give up their cars for the day and consider using shared sustainable transport options to get around.

If everyone swapped one car journey per month for one bus journey, the benefits to the UK would be significant. We would see safer, clearer streets and a reduction in the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions of 2 million tonnes a year. There are many benefits that come with choosing public transport, including the support it gives to local transport businesses.

World Car Free Day falls close to the first anniversary of myTrip – Passenger’s affordable app and website solution for smaller, local bus operators, which has seen over 49,000 users since launching last year. 

Buckinghamshire-based operators, Redline Buses and Red Rose Travel are the newest operators to benefit from myTrip websites, after signing up with the myTrip app earlier this year. The websites are designed to make bus tickets even more accessible with web-to-mobile ecommerce capability.

Tom Quay, CEO at Passenger said: “It’s important that support for smaller businesses continues post-pandemic and extends to those in other industries besides retail. Many smaller bus operators are independent businesses who have served their communities for many years, and they need just as much support as other SMEs.”

Tom Quay continued: “Everyone within the public transport industry needs to work together as a combined force to help each other grow and succeed. We’re proud to join others in our industry in their support efforts for smaller businesses through introducing more operators to myTrip.”

Many Passenger customers are supporting the initiative by promoting special travel offer via the Discount code functionality available in Passenger premium apps. These offers thank existing customers, encourage new customers onboard and help raise awareness of the benefits which can be achieved when we change our travel behaviours. 

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