Many transport users are eligible for discounted tickets (such as student or corporate travel passes) that require ID verification before they can be used. A common practice within the bus industry has the customer physically visit a travel centre to have ID checked and the ticket validated – even if it was purchased via an app or website.

It’s an obvious frustration for customers to discover they can’t easily purchase tickets they are eligible for. In some cases, if customers purchase tickets without ID verification, they can be refused travel, with refunds being required and the customer paying full price in the interim. Arguably, this is a poor customer experience that puts more barriers between choosing to take the bus.

Luckily, there is another way. Passenger’s in-app Verifications service is a fast, reliable, accessible and customer-friendly way to verify users, which can reduce operating costs, cut down on refunds and increase customer loyalty.

Passenger in-app Verifications service

In-app ID processing gets your customers quickly back on the move. Users can buy a ticket and follow the privacy-preserving and GDPR compliant in-app steps to complete the verification by uploading a photo and supporting documentation. Once approved, tickets can be used immediately.

Reduce operating costs (by replacing ID checks done by drivers and travel centre staff) and refunds (as customers don’t get stuck with tickets they can’t use) and increase the engagement of loyal customers.

In-app verifications also mean easier ticket gifting (parents can purchase tickets for children who then verify themselves in their app) and future-proofed sales, as once a customer is verified they can purchase and activate future tickets too. (until the verification expiry date).

“Using Passenger’s in-app verifications service has significantly helped us at NCT. We love that it enables customers to be verified more quickly and without the hassle of visiting us. It benefits us with time and cost savings plus helps our customers get on the move faster – what more could an operator want?”

Anthony Carver-Smith, Marketing Manager, Nottingham City Transport.

The transformational customer experience of Passenger’s in-app Verifications service is available to all Passenger Premium customers. Premium customers should contact thier Account Manager to find out more. A stand-alone Verifications API is coming soon.

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