The path to a purchase is hardly ever a straight line. It’s often a complex route of twists, turns and touchpoints. For any brand, it’s crucial to ensure that a customer’s journey of discovery, decision-making and purchase is effortless and the customer feels in control at all times.

So, how does joining myTrip help deliver that success for your brand?

1) Increase your reach

Placing your business where both existing and new customers can easily find you is a no brainer. Giving customers more chances to interact can positively impact sales by increasing familiarity with your brand, as selling via a single digital platform can mean you only reach a small percentage of your potential market. For a bigger operator with significant marketing muscle, this strategy can work, but as a smaller operator, the same approach is likely to be limiting. By listing your products on multiple digital platforms, including apps like myTrip with a ready-made audience, you’ll increase your chances of picking up customers who may not have known about you otherwise.

2) Be where your users are

As a multi-operator travel planning and ticketing app, myTrip is fast becoming a touchpoint with high volumes of customer interactions. As operators in your region join the platform, listing on myTrip will promote your company brand and more broadly the brand of bus, as consumers look to make different life choices in the wake of the pandemic. It’s an opportunity to showcase the strength of your combined networks, build back better together and drive a much-needed upswing in patronage as the world gets back on its feet. It’s already happening in York.

 3) Gain more insight

In 2021, consumers demand a lot from the brands they choose to interact with and expect personalised, location-based user experiences as standard. myTrip has been built using Passenger’s widely-respected expertise in developing transport apps and websites to provide a customer experience shaped by a vast understanding of what users want. This provides you with more access to data about users and their travel preferences than ever before. 

4) Stay ahead of shifting trends 

Technology has been a lifeline for many of us during the pandemic. As part of this, habits have shifted as users now expect the contact-free experiences that have become the norm when buying something. myTrip, which was designed and launched during the 2020 lockdowns, helps you to achieve this too, giving customers the tools they need to travel with confidence. With greener travel and consumption patterns in the public consciousness and UK based ‘staycations’ expected to be the holiday of choice this year, there are thousands of brand new customers poised to explore the UK using sustainable transport options. 

5) Map a route to success

Sales touchpoints are the building blocks of any customer experience. By choosing the right channels, offering assistive technologies and meeting customer expectations, your brand will nurture relationships with even more customers. Not only will they become your repeat customers, but they will also begin to advocate for your brand by telling others about their positive experience and encouraging them to try it out too.  

Covid-19 has disrupted our world, but we can come back stronger by learning from changes in customer behaviour and embracing the increased adoption of new technology. Many industries are still in flux, but bus operations are focused on the future and adapting quickly. To find out how quickly and easily you can get on board with myTrip, get in touch with [email protected]

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