One thing we can all say about 2020? It certainly didn’t go the way anyone had expected. Even the best-laid plans were shelved as a pandemic spread, the global economy came to a standstill and over 1-million people lost their lives. 

2020 became a year of resilience and change. At Passenger, we think every day is a school day, and despite periods of adjustments, we looked to understand what we could do to help.

Public transport quickly became COVID secure and kept people moving throughout lockdowns and restrictions. Working closely with operators, we ensured our technology could help users travel safely and confidently. We also launched myTrip, a multi-operator app. Within a few months, we added 20 operators to our customer base, with more joining every week. 

We adapted to working from home more and found new ways to stay connected (to each other and our communities). Our team has grown – welcoming  Sarah, Beth, Klair, Emma & Andrew in 2020 – and will continue to in the new year. Together, we can empower more passengers every day.

Moving forward together

For shared transport to come first, people need access to better information about their transport options. New habits need to be encouraged and formed. We continue moving confidently towards that vision future, making sure no bus is left behind. 

Will there will be a sudden magical change when calendars flip over to 2021? Probably not, but on the cusp of a new year, we see an exciting challenge – deciding what kind of post-pandemic world we want to build back better for each other.

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