To answer that question – and get our brains ticking over with many more – we welcomed Giuseppe Sollazzo, Head of Data at the DfT, to sit down with Matt and Tom for the final episode of Making Passenger series 1. 

Giuseppe broke down NaPTAN, NAP and threw a few more anacronyms at us for good measure! We talked about why data is created and why it’s so important to the public transport sector.

Giuseppe and the DfT are now embarking on a review and redesign of NaPTAN, as we make the brains of our Bus Stop Checker tool open source, hoping to enable the teams working on NaPTAN’s redesign to build on our analysis by being able to see the approach we took.

Giuseppe’s passion for data and open data is possibly unparalleled, so he was the perfect person to join us in pondering how we can use data to enable engagement and innovation across the public transport sector and beyond. 

Making Passenger will be returning for a second series! If there’s something or someone you would like us to talk about or to, please let us know! Get in touch on Twitter @makingpassenger or at [email protected]

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