It was just over a year ago that Passenger attended the Public Health & Sustainable Transport summit in Bristol, and where, amounts other things, they met Phil Ellis, CEO and Co-founder of Beryl.

As the UK population are still under serious restrictions to how, when and why they travel under Coronavirus recommendations, this was a great opportunity to speak to Beryl about the changes they had seen over the last two months, and their plans for the future.

Public transport has a natural overlap with active travel. When there are safe options to walk or cycle to a bus stop or final destination, it opens up more opportunities for people to not choose travelling by car.

Beryl bikes form part of the transport ecosystem in many towns and cities, including here in Bournemouth. Over the course of our chat, Phil explained how new bike bay locations are planned and how they make sure that their bikes complement and enhance the delicate balance of a town’s public transport options.

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