With so many questions over every step of our daily lives – and even clarifications causing uncertainty – the one thing we can all agree on is that we will soon the public will begin to choose between keeping some of the new habits they have formed or simply snapping back into old routines. For some people that might be baking bread rather than travelling to a shop and buying it, for others it could be the difference between working from home or the office – but everyone’s thoughts are focused on ‘getting back to normal’.

We wanted to examine some of the changes that will affect our industry and were thrilled to have Managing Editor and Publisher of Passenger Transport magazine, Robert Jack, join Matt and Tom for the third episode of the Making Passenger podcast. With modal shift back on the agenda, we talked about decarbonised transport, ‘The post-COVID question’ and MaaS.

In just half an hour, we covered usership vs ownership, climate concerns and data as a key to problem-solving.

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