November 29th 2019 is Black Friday. Originating in the US as a post-Thanksgiving event, the period of sales and discounts quickly became popular in the UK. Black Friday now kicks off a series of festive retailing – with the opportunity to increase sales and acquire new customers thanks to the features available in Passenger apps.

As we enter this high-stakes, retail season, we take a moment to think about how you can make the most of the popular events before they get started.

In the last few years, Passenger apps have been filled with new, discounted tickets for sale over the Black Friday weekend. It’s proven a great strategy, as customers are already on the lookout for savings and ready to jump on any promotional tickets that become available. We’ve seen our customers have record sales over this period in previous years and boost their loyal patronage.

Black Friday. Make the most of retail extravaganzas like Black Friday by promoting new tickets that can only be used during these events. Get customers to the shops to splurge, or just offer them a crazy-cheap Black Friday promotion yourself!

Cyber Monday. Help customers to spend more time online during the sales, by whisking them through the congested traffic aboard your bus on Cyber Monday too! All made possible by a Cyber Monday special. 

Giving Tuesday. In response to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation. You could organise a collection for your nominated charity or make a donation from the day’s ticket sales yourself.

There are plenty of ways to create promotional activities with the help of Passenger Cloud, including using newer features such as our ‘fixed date tickets’:

  • Sell a Black Friday ticket, only valid on Friday, for a pound (or whatever price you like!)
  • Reduce any or all ticket prices by a set percentage for the weekend
  • Reduce ticket prices for a set time only – e.g. an hour in the morning
  • Sell a 10 ticket carnet for the price of 5!
  • Send complimentary day tickets to the first 10 customers that get in touch

Using Passenger Cloud, you can create new tickets with promotion-specific descriptions, set new prices, make them available for sale and remove them once the promotional period has ended.

And if that’s not enough, why not encourage a bit of Christmas Shopping. Get customers out to the shops for some Sunday and late-night shopping, without the hassle of parking. Support local initiatives promoting the high street by offering a bargain bus ticket to get them there and back. 

How about a group ticket for New Year’s Eve revellers too? Get people out and home safely to celebrate the new year, without the need to drive. Start the new year with a fresh outlook by pledging to have less impact on our environment! 

Should you need any guidance on the best way to approach the creation of discounted tickets, please do get in touch with us. We’ll get you up and running in no time!

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