Today, Passenger announces its new web-based eCommerce solution with the launch of a brand new multi-operator website for Transdev Blazefield selling both mobile app and smartcard tickets. Customers are now able to first choose their ticket and then decide how they would like to use it. Digital tickets, bought on the website are automatically delivered to the popular Transdev Go app, taking full advantage of the smartphone app’s built-in security features, to validate and activate, before travelling. 

The new website incorporates all of the company’s subsidiaries; The Harrogate Bus Company, The Keighley Bus Company, The Blackburn Bus Company, Rosso, Coastliner, The Burnley Bus Company – as well as promoting popular services such as The 36 and Cityzap.

Customers can also choose to subscribe to tickets so that their travel never runs out – a time-saving option welcomed by both Transdev customers and staff alike. The new website also presents customers with a clear alternative to buying their travel on smartcard, which aims to help Transdev migrate customers to mobile.

With digital tickets fulfilled automatically, and available in Transdev Go instantly, staff will be able to respond more quickly to customer needs elsewhere – something the Transdev team, who are based in a number of different depots throughout the region, are looking forward to.

The new functionality from Passenger demonstrates its commitment to making it easier for everyone to buy a ticket to travel on the bus – removing barriers for those that want to switch to a more sustainable form of transport.

With the rapid adoption of mobile and contactless ticketing across the industry, many operators like Transdev are choosing to reduce their investment in smartcard systems. Customers are naturally favouring convenient payment options as they already have bank/credit cards in their wallets and regularly carry a mobile phone.

Alex Hornby, CEO at Transdev comments:

“We were keen to create a website that reflects the nature of our customer-focussed and product-led business, and one that mirrored the excellent features of the successful and popular Transdev Go app. We’re really pleased that Passenger has met our expectations by working with us to build a website that contains a number of industry firsts, including the ability to buy tickets online and download them instantly to our app.”

The new eCommerce site is fully compliant with the new Secure Customer Authentication regulations, which become law in the UK on September 14th. These new rules originate from an EU directive designed to reduce payment card fraud.

The new Transdev website benefits from all standard functionality associated with Passenger’s Premium website products, giving it a significant baseline to underpin the new eCommerce capability. Favourites can be created on the website, saved to the cloud and accessed on Transdev Go – and vice versa. Journeys can be planned across the entire network of Transdev’s subsidiaries. Disruption information is created once and published on both Transdev Go and online, making the new site a comprehensive planning tool for journeys with Transdev in the Transport for the North region.

Hornby adds,

“We’re also embracing the need for open data by opening up our entire network dataset for the first time with the launch of our new website, well ahead of the forthcoming regulations.”

The new website also makes Transdev the latest bus company in the UK to release open data ahead of the Department for Transport’s open data regulations, the first of which comes into force in January 2020. The data is published under the Open Government License Version 3.0. on Transdev’s new ‘Our data’ page.

Check out the new Transdev website and please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how Passenger can help you.

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