From this week, Passenger mobile app operators can now sell tickets with a fixed start and end date. This new functionality opens up a whole world of possibilities for selling tickets to new audiences – straight from the mobile app or in bulk via the Business Portal.

So let’s drill into some specific uses for this, over the next 12 months:

JANUARY – Blue Monday. Blue Monday is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, so why not give your customers a helping hand? Promote the ticket alongside a mental health charity, sit back and know you’ve supported your customers in the post-Christmas slump.

FEBRUARY – Valentines Day. Nothing is more appreciated on the day of love than a gift. Why not show your loyal customers you really care by offering them a Valentines special ticket? Maybe a couples ticket or a group ticket for friends boycotting the day!

MARCH – Mother’s Day. Give mothers what they really want – time with their family (and cheap travel!) by offering a low-cost bus ticket to mums travelling with a group.

APRIL – Easter holidays. Get families out with the kids, by promoting group tickets that are valid both sides of the Easter weekend. Connect this with activities in your Things to Do and you’ve got everything parents and guardians need to keep everyone occupied over the school holidays.

MAY – Deaf Awareness Week. Public transport for a Deaf person can be daunting and frustrating. Raise awareness, give an incentive to try the bus and create an opportunity for your staff to learn more about ways they can make those with disabilities lives easier.

JUNE – Father’s Day. Make the most of all the usual restaurant deals with “a free drink for dad”, and get families out and home safely on the bus. Don’t forget to be compassionate in your marketing too; there are plenty of reasons why dad might not be around for this event.

JULY – Catch the Bus Week. The highlight of the bus industry’s self-promotional calendar, Catch the Bus Week. Now you can create and promote a mobile ticket that’s valid specifically for this week.

AUGUST – Start of the football season. Whether your local team is in the Premiership or Championship get behind your teams and encourage supporters to travel to games on public transport. Sell match day tickets, where they are only available between the times you’ve set up. For added impact, you could even offer a discount or encourage people to travel together with a group ticket!

SEPTEMBER – Term time tickets for colleges and universities. Start selling tickets ahead of the new academic year safe in the knowledge that tickets will only become available to activate from the start of term. They’ll automatically expire when the term ends too. Neat huh?

OCTOBER – Halloween. Promote a little treat for customers around Halloween, by getting them to and from their parties safely.

NOVEMBER – Black Friday. Make the most of retail extravaganzas like Black Friday by promoting new tickets that can only be used during these events. Get customers to the shops to splurge, or just offer them a crazy-cheap Black Friday promotion yourself!

DECEMBER – New Year’s Eve. How about a group ticket for New Year’s Eve revellers? Get people out and home safely to celebrate the new year, without the need to drive. Start the new year with a fresh outlook by pledging to have less impact on our environment!

And that’s enough from us! We look forward to seeing what exciting uses you come up with for the new fixed date tickets!

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Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

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