Today, Passenger announces the official launch of its Business Portal – a new, simplified way to distribute digital tickets across high-volume allocations.

Passenger Business Portal

Passenger Business Portal enables businesses, schools, universities and more to directly manage high-volume mobile ticket sales for their personnel or student body via a no-fuss, self-service online portal – rather than doing so manually through an operators sales team and avoiding the high administration costs traditionally associated with smart card distribution.

“Our new Business Portal is a powerful addition to the Passenger retail platform, and directly addresses a need of operators across the UK today,” says Tom Quay, CEO of Passenger. “High-volume digital ticket sales presents a significant opportunity for operators looking to drive growth from direct-to-business revenue, who can now focus on nurturing and growing business relationships rather than manually adding travel to smart cards and dropping them off at business premises.

“This is really going to change the way businesses engage with our customers too. Knowing they can simply log into the portal, buy travel for their staff or students and then settle a single invoice every month removes virtually all of the friction that currently exists.”

Promotion of Business Portal sales capability can also be a powerful tool in raising operator brand awareness with local businesses, encouraging new sales via easily discounted tickets and incentivising regular large ticket orders.

How does it work?

The operator branded self-service Business Portal is the newest additional to Passenger’s online software toolkit. The operator can hand over the reins to a business partner by giving them their own account on the client-facing portal, to quickly and easily order the tickets they need within the constraints set by the operator. A business can be set up in minutes from Passenger Cloud, after which the portal can be used to:

  • select which tickets are available to purchase
  • select optional discounts for different businesses
  • create invoices for payment from businesses
  • view purchase histories
  • disable tickets where necessary

Once tickets have been selected and purchased, users are notified that their mobile ticket is ready to be claimed, via an email with step by step instructions.

Technical Delivery Manager at Passenger, Richard Potter comments “We’ve been working closely with customers to scope and deliver a solution that helps them to leverage the efficiency of digital ticket distribution to their business customers. It’s great to be releasing this ahead of the summer season and new 2019/2020 academic year so that our customers are now well placed to streamline their business sales efforts and drive growth.”

Interested in learning more about Passenger’s new Business Portal? Please get in touch or sign up to our newsletter – we’d love to talk about how it could work for your business.